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Airtable’s real potential is only unlocked when you’ve started linking your tables. Without this feature, Airtable is simply a spreadsheet in the cloud. But, with this ability you’re able to draw on the power of the relational database (i.e. data that talks to itself) – which is where things get really interesting.

However, setting these tables up in the optimal way is a difficult thing to understand. In fact, one of our more popular YouTube videos is a brief intro to this very topic and we get a ton of questions on it.

Which is precisely why we’ve shared this week’s video where we go into detail on a few important topics about Linked Tables.

If you’re still unclear when to use a new table or add a new field, don’t miss this video! We go through the difference between a ‘data set’ and a ‘data point’ – outlining the most important concept of database architecture.

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