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The free version of Airtable is perhaps one of the best “freemium” softwares that I’ve ever used. In the free version, you get unlimited access to bases, a large number of records per base (1,200), access to all views, collaboration/commenting, etc. In truth, the free version unlocks about 90% of the software’s capabilities. That’s not shabby.

That said, the “Pro” version (tier three) is where things really start getting limitless. One of those features that is only available at the pro level is the “Block” feature. Airtable blocks are like widgets that you can add to your bases that unlock new capabilities and insights.

Arguably one of the most powerful blocks is the “Page Designer” block. This block allows you to take the data stored in your records and arrange it (drag and drop) on a page. With this capability, the first thing that came to mind for a business use case was the ability to create an invoice. This block effectively grants you the ability to graphically arrange your data in any way you see fit – check out this short video on how you might go about putting the Page Designer Block to work in your business.

At this point, most businesses have a software solution that specifically addresses their invoicing needs, but this serves as an example to the power of the Page Designer Block. As you can see in this video, you can create static text, pull roll-up data, text, and even images into your pages, to be arranged however you choose. If you have specific uses for this block in your workflows, I’d love to hear about them!


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