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Getting organized is a critical part of business – and a huge part of that is developing and improving business procedures, commonly referred to as workflows.

The first time you stare at hundreds (if not thousands) of records of data, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that data is overwhelming and messy. Thanks to Airtable’s views however, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Views are an Airtable feature that allow you to sculpt particular slices of data. Since these are highly customizable, you can effectively create Airtable views to show you data that is relevant to particular steps in your workflows – allowing you to break your procedures into smaller bite-sizes.

I recently used views in a template that I built for my wife that dramatically improved our personal workflow around (of all things) grocery shopping. Now I realize that crafting a grocery list might not be the most sexy procedure imaginable, but it is something that practically everyone has to do at some point. Check out this video, where I go into detail about this base (there’s also a link to the base if you want to copy it for yourself).

So, our grocery shopping workflow consists of five steps, as follows:

  1. Plan Weekly Meals
  2. Compile Ingredient List
  3. Compare List to Stock in Kitchen
  4. Categorize Remaining List by Store
  5. Shop in Stores with List

As you can imagine, compiling the list from recipes (step #2) was incredibly manual. Also, we spent some time going through the list to categorize it by store (step #4). This wasn’t optimal by any means, so the base I created automated these tasks for us. Additionally, steps #3 & #5 were simplified with checkmark boxes. All of these workflow enhancements were made possible by creating thoughtful views in Airtable.

If this inspires you to improve workflows in your business and would like some help, I’d be happy to offer assistance. Schedule a free, no obligation consultation with me here.


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