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Given that Airtable is so modular and open-source, it’s no surprise that so many new products are constantly coming out that integrate with and enhance the Airtable platform.

Enter Table2Site

Table2Site is the new software that allows you to build a website from an Airtable base. The moment I heard about it I had to swing by the website and give them a try – my head started spinning with possibilities and Table2Site didn’t disappoint.

In a nutshell, this software allows you to craft a website that is completely driven by the data you share in an Airtable base. So far, I’ve just dipped my toe in the waters of possibility, but you can imagine the amazing things you could create with this…

  • A blog that doesn’t require WordPress, where you can create a new post by simply creating a new record in Airtable.
  • A tile-view of freelancers that can be automatically updated with a new Airtable record.
  • A list of job openings at a company, driven by Airtable records.

The Airtable API has long allowed these types of interactions, but Table2Site allows us to build these sites effortlessly – and with no web-development experience needed!

Check out this week’s video where I dive into setting up you’r own website using Airtable and Table2Site.

What different use-cases can you imagine for a software like this?


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