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I received a great message from a YouTube viewer the other day who was wondering how to update an existing Airtable record. This is such a common occurrence, I thought I must certainly have an existing video that I could refer the writer to. Yet, the more I thought about it, the more it became clear to me that I’ve never created a YouTube video showcasing this important step in Airtable automation.

So, special thanks to Mark for submitting this request – I hope you find this week’s tutorial informative!

Hi Gareth,

I have been watching your Airtable videos today, I checked out Airtable a while back and decided not to go with it, today I changed my mind and love it already and I’m only just getting started, things are starting to look great thanks to your videos.

I have a query / question and wondered if you could shed a little light on things.

I am using Typeform to Mailchimp to Airtable sign Zapier, everything is working like a dream, but I have another solution to solve, part of the signup p flow is users get an invite to a slack workspace and I was wondering if this could be included in Airtable ?

Example: user signs up and all details get pushed into Airtable (and look freaking amazing), I would then like to know “did this user” join the Slack group ? And ideally add a check mark in a column named “Slack”

Have you seen this done before or have you created a video on this ? 



I wrote back to Mark with a response last week, but it dawned on me that he can’t be the only person trying to solve this (or a similar) problem. So in this video, I walk through the three step automation that will update an existing record in an Airtable database. Those three steps are:

  1. Trigger (in this case, a new user in Slack)
  2. Find the Record in Airtable (using a unique identifier – email works great!)
  3. Update the Record in Airtable (this example updates a checkbox field)

While this example requires a new user added to Slack to set things in motion, I should point out that this same automated process would work with virtually any of the thousands of software products that integrate with Zapier. 

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