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Data entry is a pain I’ve written about more than once. Yes, it’s monotonous. Yes, it’s tedious. Yes, it’s prone to human error. Still, sometimes, it’s a necessity. How else are you going to get data into your databases if someone doesn’t enter it?

Of course, we have Zapier to integrate data from other systems. This is a great solution if you’re taking data from one source and putting it into your base. However, this doesn’t solve all our problems. How do we get that data that comes from a non-software source? For this, Zapier falls short and we need another solution.

This is where Airtable Forms come into play. Forms is one of the Airtable ‘View Types’ that allows you to view your data in a blank form, awaiting to be filled out. The entire process is very user-friendly. You can set your form up by click+dragging the various fields around, hiding those you don’t want shown, and adding text to tell users the type of data that belongs. All of the input field types are available – text, numbers, attachments, single/multiple select, etc. Check out this week’s video, where I show you exactly how to use these forms to build a “Customer Support Ticket” Base.

While Forms are amazing, their strongest feature is the ability to embed them on a website. With this feature (and without the need of writing code) you can easily take these Forms, pop them onto your website, and allow your customers to enter the data you’re looking for directly on your site sending them to any third party sites. In a world where we are competing to keep the attention of prospective customers, this is a HUGE advantage – one not to be taken lightly.

What different types of Forms have you created in Airtable? How can you improve your business workflows with features like this?

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