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A new field has just been released – and this is one that we’ve been waiting on for some time! Say hello to the Last Modified Time field!

This new addition to Airtable’s fields unlocks a ton of new potential for the software. This is a dependent field that adjusts based on one or more of your other independent fields. That’s a bit of database jargon, so let me break this down a bit more:

Independent Field: this is a field type which is able to directly edited – examples include fields such as “number” and “single line text.”

Dependent Field: this type of field depends on other fields to derive its value – examples include the “rollup” and “formula” field types.

So, this field type looks at a select number of Independent Fields and presents the last date/time that they were modified. Pretty slick!

The main function of this field is to track when things were changed (obviously) – this is valuable when looking to understand how long projects stay in various stages. With the inclusion of some additional software and automations, you could use this field to build a workflow that displayed date/time stamps for each stage of a project.

Another exciting use involves simplifying an automation to trigger from an updated record. This also requires some additional software, but the end result is an automated system that triggers off of your updated records (without the need of clunky formulas)!

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