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As a new company, Airtable is making constant improvements to it’s software. One of those recent changes is in the form of a toggled ‘sort’ feature.

A few months ago, I had a client – let’s call him Matt – who was exploring Airtable as a possible solution to manage the data for his startup. There was one thing that really bummed Matt out about the way Airtable’s sort feature worked. He could sort his records in chronological order, but they wouldn’t stay that way. As you may know, applying a record sort in Airtable was recently a one-time operation. You push the button, records got sorted, and then you could manually move them around again.

This was actually the straw that broke Matt’s back – he wound up going with another software because he hated that he couldn’t keep his records sorted by date.

This new feature came a month too late for Matt, but it’s here and ready for you! Check out our sort video that shows off the new toggle feature – allowing you to save your date sorting to the view of your choice!

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