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If you work in Airtable on a regular basis, you’ve likely collected a surprising amount of data over time. Working with a large dataset can be difficult, but thanks to Airtable’s ‘Views’ you are able to consistently reduce the amount of data – specific to just the slice of information you require at any moment.

Well, this is great for limiting the amount of data you see, but it doesn’t solve all the data-clutter problems that are created by enormous datasets. Most specifically, this comes into play when linking from one table to another. When you move to select a record from another table, you’re faced with a huge amount of data – literally every single record in that other table.

At least, that was true until Airtable released a new feature that allows you to limit your linked records to a specific view.

In this video I walk through an example of setting up a special view and then turning your linked records to point at this view. I also show how the form view for this table will now hold the same logic as well.

Master this feature and to limit your linked records and make sure that you’ve decluttered your bases as much as possible!

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