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Airtable just released some new features this week and they look to pack a mighty punch. Specifically, I explored the Matrix Block today. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with Neo, and everything to do with two-dimensional matrices. Think of a table with columns and rows. Well, with some simple base planning, I created my first Matrix Block and shared it with you here.

For this example, I referred back to a SWOT Analysis. SWOT Analysis are so named due to their design – they are presented in a 2×2 matrix. The upper left quadrant is Strengths. To the right of that is Weaknesses. Then Opportunities. Lastly, the bottom right is Threats. The purpose of a SWOT analysis is to force an entrepreneur to think candidly about a pending venture or business idea.

What can you over-deliver (strengths)?
Where are you vulnerable (weaknesses)?
What external influences might assist you (opportunities)?
What external influences might hinder you (threats)?

Now I don’t mean to make this a business lesson (zzzzz….) so let me come to my point. There are two columns in a SWOT – things that can help and things that can hinder. There are also two rows in a SWOT – things that are internal and things that are external. Thus, SWOT analysis provides us a perfect 2×2 matrix to try out Airtable’s latest block.

Check out the action here!


It doesn't have to be crazy at work

It doesn't have to be crazy at work

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