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Sometimes I get requests from viewers about ways to use Airtable that don’t involve business, per se. This happened this weekend, when I received an email asking for help on a base for a Bachelor’s Party. Who am I to say ‘no’ to someone trying to throw an epic sendoff? Naturally, I had to comply…

This video is about how you can organize a base for a party. If you’d like to check out this base for yourself, access the read only version of it, here. You won’t be able to make changes to the template, but please feel free to duplicate it for your own needs.

This template assumes that you have a list of people you’d like to invite to a party. You start with their basic contact information, but you need to send them an email so that they can RSVP. You might also have some other questions (like dietary restrictions, etc.). Once you build the automation with our step by step instructions, you can then add as many new people to the party (just send those emails sporadically, Zapier doesn’t like mass emails).

The more advanced section of this includes FormNano, a software that allows you to create a form and update existing records. This is more advanced from the native Airtable form that requires a new record creation. Using this integration, we can make sure that people are updating their own status in the base, without necessarily being users.

With this system, you can send out a request for RSVP and have the information instantly fill in your pre-existing data. Then, you can manually link the respondents to the events that they will be attending. From here, reservations should be a snap!

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