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Working with freelancers is a vital part of growing a business. There are several reasons that you might choose to bring on a freelancer, or contractor, for specific duties:

  1. You don’t have the expertise to perform certain tasks
  2. You time is spent on other parts of the business
  3. You aren’t quite at the point where you need to hire an employee
  4. You want to test someone’s abilities before making an offer

Whatever your reasons, getting organized with a freelancer can take a lot of time and energy. Communicating back and forth in email can get repetitive and you might find yourself thinking that you spend just as much time managing as you did actually doing the work yourself.

If that’s the case for you – it’s time to build an organized workflow for your freelancer to ensure that you can focus your energy on other areas of your business.

In this video, I show the exact Airtable base that I use in my own business that allows me to work with a freelance WordPress and SEO ninja. We use this Airtable base to sort and track all of the YouTube content I produce, and she then takes what she needs from that media and produces this very blog.

With the help of Airtable, we avoid all the back-and-forth of email. All the data we both need to perform our specific jobs is right in front of us, and we own our specific sections using our unique Airtable Views.

The best part about this example is that there is no linked data in this Airtable base and only one table, making this an easy base that practically anyone can build and customize to their needs. I use Airtable to communicate with multiple freelancers for my business and it saves a ton of time!

There is a vital thing to remember when sharing a base in Airtable – sharing a base gives someone access to the entire thing – so if you only want to share a specific section of data, be sure to check out the end of this video for details about the pros and cons of the options available.


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