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Another year is coming to a close, and as always, business owners start to take a closer look at the financial systems in their businesses. I’ve often wondered what it is about the end of the year that drives such engagement. I have to think that many businesses are struggling to stay afloat (unfortunately, we’ve all heard the statistics that tell us how perilous business ownership is). Additionally, many businesses are likely wondering how to reduce their tax liability, since they have only a couple weeks left before it’s too late to be helped. There are a ton of driving factors, but my favorite one is the business that just wants better insights into their operations – it’s always a pleasure to work with business owners who are looking to expand their accessibility to data.

This is precisely where Airtable blocks really start to get powerful!

If you think that having a real-time summary of your sales and accounts receivable is just a pipe-dream, check out this 12 minute walk-through on how to create your own financial dashboard in Airtable.

This video walks through how you can use Airtable to get quick financial summaries using Airtable’s “Blocks” – part of the ‘pro’ user subscription.

Blocks are incredibly powerful ways to summarize your Airtable data in real-time. In this example, I show how to automatically graph your monthly sales, month over month, using just a couple of input fields. Then I walk through calculations and set-ups for how to get A/R (accounts receivable) snapshots for your business.

This is a huge topic for most small businesses who struggle to understand where the money is… there’s a great chance it hasn’t been collected yet and is stuck in A/R! Wouldn’t it be great if you had a snapshot of your A/R at any moment in time?

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