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Last week I was chatting with one of my friends about his family life. He’s always been into sports, but he’s been taking on more and more responsibility with his sons’ little league coaching, lately. He was explaining the drafting process to me (I’ve never coached baseball before) and I thought it sounded like a perfect use for some Airtable organization!

As I understand it, first the kids all “tryout” – during this process, the various coaches are furiously taking notes on each player, trying to get as much of a ranking completed as possible. In many cases, there are multiple coaches on each team that need to evaluate each player. Assuming that all evaluations are weighted equally, the coaches then need one place to see every evaluation and also get aggregated data (for example, the overall ranking of each player).

From there, the coaches all sit down to tackle the drafting process. I’m sure all leagues vary slightly, but for my friend it sounded like they did a round-robin process and each team just picked one player at a time. During this process, an Airtable base would be especially helpful for tracking team picks.

In this video, I go through the architecture that you might put in place to create this system. Using this will help you consolidate your data and make the drafting process more streamlined. Just be sure not to tip your hand by showing off your evaluation scores to the competing coaches!

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