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A common limitation with Airtable is the lack of granularity in user permissions. Often, business owners tell me that they want to only share a table, or perhaps there’s a part of their base that they want to keep hidden from most of their employees. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to customize what all your users see inside Airtable.

However, there is a simple workaround that solves this problem in many cases: building a custom UI, or user interface.

With a custom UI, you can build an internal (or external) site that gives people access to your database without making them users. Not only does this allow you to limit exactly what they see, but you also save on software costs (you don’t have to pay for these ‘users’ since they technically don’t have access to the database)!

This video shows a simple two-table example, but you can imagine how these steps can lead to a robust, custom interface. How can you use this to make your team more efficient?

It doesn't have to be crazy at work

It doesn't have to be crazy at work

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