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A huge question you need to answer when setting up your Airtable bases is “who needs access to this data?

Airtable has multiple options for user permissions, but these permissions don’t get very granular. For example, we can’t limit access to specific tables – if we give someone access to the database, they can ultimately see the whole thing!

One seemingly easy solution is to allow people to submit data using forms – this solution is a great one, but it is also limited due to the fact that forms can only be used to create new records. If you want to update an existing record, unfortunately the workaround is often more trouble than it’s worth.

However, thanks to FormNano, we can now create unique forms for each record that allow us to update an existing record!

This video walks through how to set up your custom form in FormNano – we then test it to make sure that the data in the table is properly updated. What things does this inspire you to update with forms?

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