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Document creation is definitely a low level task – but at the same time, documents are a critical part of a business.

  • Proposals help us convey our value.
  • Legal agreements and contracts help protect all parties.
  • Scopes of work define expectations.

These documents are all incredibly important, but creating them (individually, for each client – over and over again) is a pretty low-level task.

This is precisely why we were so excited when we learned about WebMerge – an incredible software that allows us to create dynamic documents in the cloud!

In this video I walk through how to create a sample document from an Airtable CRM. With the change of a status, we build a 5-step automation that creates a document in WebMerge, saves it to our CRM in Airtable, and emails the document to the client.

Prior to this automation, we used an archaic Mail Merge system in our business. The template lived in Word and we manually updated an Excel doc before merging the template and individually saving every file. This easily consumed 30 minutes per day, so this automation (for just ONE document) is saving us 10 hours per month! How much time can this save you?!?

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