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Email lists are an important marketing step for businesses – this much is obvious. However, to really deliver amazing results from your list, you need to take advantage of groups. Groups in Mailchimp are essentially segments of your list.

You don’t want to send the same message to everyone on your list because your list is comprised of many different ‘types’ of potential customers.

Giving all of the the same content is lazy at best and insulting at worst.

So, groups come into play by allowing you to categorize your list by whatever internal metrics you desire.

This week I show you how to use these groups in tandem with your Airtable database. Using an Airtable CRM, you can add tags to the different folks on your list – and with a little magic from Zapier – get that data automatically updated in your Mailchimp list.

The basic version of this zap is pretty straightforward, but the specific value in this example comes from utilizing the groups and getting things updated automatically from Airtable.

So, before you copy and paste one more email into your Mailchimp account and manually add a group to the record, consider this Airtable use case…

What other amazing things have you created with Airtable? I’d love to hear about your business example!

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