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It’s funny when tasks seem to follow a common theme or contain a lot of repetition. Recently, we’ve had several of our clients looking to create recurring tasks inside their Airtable base. Typically, we’ll see one or two of these every month, but last month it seems like every project included a piece of this “recurring schedule.”

So, given that heightened frequency, I thought I’d include a brief tutorial to demonstrate how to create recurring tasks in a to-do list.

To set the stage, we’ll first jump into Airtable to review a standard layout for a “Tasks” table. After quickly reviewing the various fields and views, we’ll then head into Zapier to create a task that reoccurs on a given schedule (either hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly).

To build this, we will use the “Scheduling” trigger, which is a built in trigger from Zapier (no third party software required). Using this schedule, we’ll then create a new task in Airtable. Before you know it, you’ll be managing your to-do list on auto-pilot!

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