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Since my wedding date is less than two weeks away, I was speaking with my best man, Srini Rao, the other day. As our chats often do, we got off the topic of the wedding and we were soon discussing business. Several months ago I told Srini about a new tool I found called Airtable. Now being an Excel Power User, it’s no surprise that something like Airtable would get my attention. 

After all, it is a cloud-based, highly customizable database. I think the first description of it I heard was along the lines of, “it’s basically Excel on crack.” I certainly don’t mean to condone the use of illegal substances, but that was definitely something that piqued my interest.

Anyhow, I told Srini about it (without thinking to send him to my affiliate link… oops) and I figured that was the end of it. After all, we talk about all kinds of business tools, but most of the time it’s with a muted curiosity – there are so many bigger fish to fry.

While I didn’t know it then, this time was different. Srini took to Airtable and developed new processes for his business. Today he manages his content creation workflow (across multiple employees and freelancers) with an Airtable ‘base’ (that’s Airtable’s terminology for a database). His website’s ‘contact us’ form also feeds directly to an Airtable base. He’s barely scratched the surface of what is possible with this software, but I’m incredibly impressed that he was able to adopt this technology so quickly. You see, Srini is a self-proclaimed “creative,” and he has a natural repulsion to all things mathematical. This is probably why we are such good friends; we complement one another in that way.

So, this sparked an idea… if one of the most creative people I know (the guy runs a company called ‘Unmistakable Creative’ for crying out loud) sees the value of the user-friendly, intuitive UX of Airtable, then certainly other businesses can benefit from it, too. So, in an effort to help you get up and running in Airtable (whether you’re an Excel Power User, or not) I created this short video to walk you through the basics. Enjoy!


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