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Remember that game of TELEPHONE? You’d sit in a line with other kids – the first kid would whisper a sentence to the second kid. Only one time – that’s all you got. The second kid would look a little puzzled, obviously not quite sure about what they heard, but would turn to the third kid and repeat the whisper. On an on this would go, until you got to the end of the line. That poor kid at the end now had to say what they heard – ALOUD – and of course it was nothing like the original sentence.

Of course it wasn’t going to be the same sentence – that’s the whole point of the game… things get lost in the whispering and assumptions are made. Every kid in that line poses a threat to the integrity of the original sentence!

That’s EXACTLY how data works!

Think about it – in your business, I am willing to bet there are outdated procedures where you take data from one place and move it into another. Copy and paste data from this place into another place. I know this is happening in your business because it still happens in mine! Every time that type of task is performed by a human (no matter how detail-oriented they are) you run the risk of corrupting your data. Every. Single. Time. Data gets pasted in the wrong place – things get lost – numbers get mixed up.

So what can you do about it?

It’s time to get your data sources talking to each other!

Imagine not needing to do a copy + paste with data because your systems automatically kept each other updated. It’s totally possible, is completely affordable, and integrates great with Airtable – introducing: Zapier!

In this video I walk through the exact steps I’ve taken to integrate my Calendly (scheduling app) with my Airtable CRM. Check out this example and tell me what types of integrations you can imagine – the options are practically limitless…

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