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The holidays – intended to be a time of joy, reflection, and family – often turn into a disorganized mess. Traditions are rooted in love but sometimes give us more chores than we have time to accomplish. As my personal life is currently swept in the energy of the holidays, I hope you’ll  indulge a tangent from our regularly scheduled programming to consider a more personal use for Airtable.

One tradition I remember from my childhood is the cutting down of a Christmas tree. My dad would take us kids to a Christmas tree farm and we’d walk up and down the rows of trees, searching for the one perfect pine. When we finally found it, Dad would kneel down with the saw and start getting to work. What soon followed was a large amount of swearing, often spurred by one of the following:

  • Sap was getting on his hands
  • The saw blades weren’t sharp enough
  • Branches were in his line of sight
  • There wasn’t enough light

At the time, I thought of these as individual reasons that my dad was frustrated, but now that I’m older with kids (and traditions) of my own, I’ve changed my perspective. The truth is, the reasons my dad listed were really symptoms of a different pain: the frustration of having more work piled on his already busy schedule (the man worked himself to the bone for my family).

My family now has its own set of traditions. Some were passed down from my family, some from my wife’s, and some we created together. One (newer) tradition has been the creation of the family newsletter that goes out to friends and family. Each year, we start over from scratch and compile a list of the people we will send our holiday letter to. We have to dig through old communications to find addresses and make sure that we have all the pertinent info. Then, the most time consuming part is addressing the envelopes – nothing makes me feel like I’m wasting my life on this planet more than being asked to handwrite names and addresses.

So, this year I decided to do something about it – with the help of Airtable.


Of course, not everyone has the same holiday traditions, but if you do need to send a lot of mail, this template will be a huge help! Also, it’s a great example to showcase the ability to utilize Airtable blocks to save a ton of time.

From the team at GAP Consulting, may your holidays be filled with love, happiness, and more automation!

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