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Getting a team synced-up and on the same page is a critical component of managing projects. Airtable works as a great collaborative tool, but perhaps one of its more overlooked features is the ability to easily create calendar views.

There are several features to Airtable Calendar Views that are unlocked only for pro users. One of those features is the ability to track multiple date fields on one calendar. Additionally, only pro users have the ability to use a ‘start’ and ‘end’ date when establishing a view. This effectively means that only pro users can see an event as it lapses over a calendar (as opposed to simply a start date/time).

Another Airtable feature that is unique to calendars is the ability to create and subscribe to an iCal link. This allows you to access this data in your Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar (among others). Be sure to note, however, that this is merely a window to your Airtable Calendar information – you can’t actually change it in your calendar app (merely view it).

In this video, I walk through setting these various calendar features up in Airtable. In addition, I speak to some of the larger shortcomings of the iCal link. That said, there’s definitely a place and a time that this feature would come in very handy, so be sure to explore these features and experiment a bit to find how to put these to work for you!

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