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In the age of automation, we rely on computers to tackle our most repetitive tasks. Fortunately, solutions like Zapier allow us to do this with increasing amounts of ease. Zapier’s solution is so user friendly, it’s usually as simple as picking your desired results from a drop-down menu.

The operative word here is “usually.” Sometimes, even in 2018, it pays to know a little bit of code. Specifically, this comes into play when trying to embed a URL link in email text.

Imagine this use case: You have a business that sends an automated email to clients/customers when they reach a certain spot in your pipeline. In this automated email, you include a link for them to visit.

“Hey customer, please check out for more info!”

Nothing too crazy – this is a pretty common use for many businesses. However, wouldn’t you rather send an email that was a bit… prettier?

“Hey customer, be sure to click here for more info!”

Except instead of just an underlined word, you embed a hyperlink to the site of your choice. Way cooler looking, right? For a standard email this isn’t too bad, but getting it done in an automated email is a bit more tricky!



This short explanation shows the steps I take to get this delivered to my clients using a short bit of HTML code. What other use cases for this HTML can you imagine in your business’s automated systems?

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