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This post is a big deal, I’m not saying that lightly.

A long awaited upgrade is finally possible and ironically it took a third party software to develop the solution.

Airtable can now trigger a zap from an updated record!

Now, if you’re not a total data junkie, this might not seem like anything special. So instead, let me tell you what this means.

It means that a new world of previously impossible workflows can now be created and automated by a Zapier/Airtable integration.

It really is a huge deal. Previously, Airtable had many limitations in the ways that it interacted (or didn’t interact) with Zapier. For example, there were only two types of Airtable triggers (a trigger is what causes an automated process to begin).

  1. New Record
  2. New Record in View

These options were limiting because they could only trigger once. So, if you built a zap that sent an email when you checked a box, that zap could only occur one time.

If you unchecked a box and then re-checked it, nothing would happen.

That is, if you updated a record, the zap couldn’t recognize anything new – once a record triggered a zap, that was it. This limitation was very frustrating. But, no more… check out this week’s video on how to create zaps that trigger from an updated record in Airtable.

Now such new integrations are possible. If you’re looking to take your Airtable+Zapier automations to the next level, you’ll definitely want to check out this new connection system by Openside (affiliate link).


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