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Autoresponders are a pretty common tool for most businesses these days. They sound a bit like magic, but in reality they are pretty simple to set up.

  1. Input happens (customer opts-in, for example)
  2. Output happens (confirmation email is sent)

This is super helpful, of course. But, wouldn’t it be cooler if the email you send to someone is automatically curated specifically for them???

I’m not just talking about addressing someone by name in an email – that’s basic stuff. I’m talking about sending them an email that is 100% customized and unique. Automagically.

As you may have guessed, we can do this exact thing by building some fancy logic formulas in Airtable and syncing those outputs with a fairly simple Zapier automation.

Last week, we built an Airtable Pricing Estimate that took responses from an Airtable input form and calculated the estimated price of Airtable given the established parameters. Now we’re doing a behind-the-scenes view of exactly how that system works.

This follows the same steps as a traditional autoresponder, with one brief intervention:

  1. Input happens (customer opts-in, for example)
  2. Take that data and perform cool logic on it 🖖
  3. Output happens (confirmation email is sent – using data from 2)

Here’s hoping this inspires you to consider new Airtable possibilities. Oh, and in case you missed that Airtable Pricing Estimate from last week, check it out in action here.

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