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Several weeks ago, I put out a video outlining the differences between dependent and independent field types. In short, independent fields can have data written directly to them. By contrast, dependent fields derive their value from other data (for example, a formula field). The whole video was created as a way to address the need to make a conditional dependency – of which there isn’t a simple option native to Airtable.

Following that video, I heard from Openside (a development team that works extensively with Airtable) that they were in the final stages of testing an advanced widget that unlocks this potential using a JotForm integration. I was worried that it sounded too good to be true, but I hopped on a call with them and got a walkthrough on their new tool.

In short, their new product is nothing short of mind-blowing. It’s my pleasure to share this with you and to go through the steps of this integration that pulls data directly from your Airtable database and allows for the use of conditional dependencies based on your linked Airtable data.

This tutorial showcases the three different widgets that they built and goes into a description about the purpose of each of them. We can reference the data in our Airtable, return responses associated with that data, and build conditional dropdowns based on a parent/child relationship.

Special thanks to Openside for another amazing tool to add new functionality to our Airtable databases!

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