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Qualifying Leads can be an important step for a business. Years ago when I was working in finance, the president of the company had a great analogy he’d use when speaking about this. He compared leads to fish and the business to a fishing boat. Marketing, he said, was about casting a net and seeing what fish you could bring onboard – yet so many companies were focused on quantity over quality. He asked why anyone would want to throw a net that continually brought in tires, sneakers, and other things onto the boat…

If you’re not qualifying your leads, that’s exactly what you’re doing! It’s time to consider a new approach.

The solution is to build a system that qualifies the leads. Think of it like a magic net that only catches fish. How cool is that? I’m pretty sure fisherman everywhere would be all about it.

The magic net solution is going to look different for every business, but the underlying logic will be similar. Whether you choose to have a subjective scoring method, or an objective algorithm, the end result is a filter that separates the tires and sneakers from the fish. Happy fishing!

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