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To my surprise, one of the videos that my clients mention to me regularly is the video about creating a grocery list. It’s one of my earliest solutions and every time I rewatch it, it makes me cringe. Still, it resonates with people, likely because it tackles a problem that everybody has experienced.

Well, this week I’m dipping back into my personal stash to show off a new system we built to track my daughter’s chores and subsequent allowance.

I’m willing to bet that most people with kids have experienced some version of this conundrum where you try to employ a system for making kids more responsible, but just wind up making a lot more work for yourself. Sound familiar? Thankfully, using automation allows us to eliminate the need to manage the solution.

In this video I walk through the set-up of this database architecture, as well as outline the specific automation that I built to send my daughter a nightly text.

How could something like this streamline parts of your life?

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