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It Doesn’t Have To Be Crazy At Work

Get our behind-the-scenes lessons on how to harness the power of Airtable to organize data, automate repetitive administrative tasks, and know exactly what’s going on in your business at all times. 


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How to Use Airtable in Work with Freelancers

Working with freelancers is a vital part of growing a business. There are several reasons that you might choose to bring on a freelancer, or contractor, for specific duties: You don’t have the expertise to perform certain tasks You time is spent on other parts of the...

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Embedding a URL in (Automated) Email Text from Airtable

In the age of automation, we rely on computers to tackle our most repetitive tasks. Fortunately, solutions like Zapier allow us to do this with increasing amounts of ease. Zapier's solution is so user friendly, it's usually as simple as picking your desired results...

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Use Airtable to Create a Website

Given that Airtable is so modular and open-source, it's no surprise that so many new products are constantly coming out that integrate with and enhance the Airtable platform. Enter Table2Site Table2Site is the new software that allows you to build a website from an...

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Create New Zaps from Updating a Record in Airtable

This post is a big deal, I'm not saying that lightly. A long awaited upgrade is finally possible and ironically it took a third party software to develop the solution. Airtable can now trigger a zap from an updated record! Now, if you're not a total data junkie, this...

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Filtering Airtable Data – ‘And/Or’ Filters

Working in any database is tricky if you can't access the data you need. To be effective, you need to know how to navigate through your data to access only the relevant records. For this, we have FILTERS! Filters are pretty self-explanatory - by applying them we are...

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Using Color to get Instant Insights in Airtable

The purpose of a good database is to store and record data. Generally, this is for the purpose of improving workflows through data analysis. It's interesting then, since analysis is the end goal, that most databases aren't built with that end goal in mind. One way to...

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From “Prospect” to “Customer” – Using Airtable

One big complaint I have with most software solutions is that they cater to such a specific niche, it's often difficult to get them to work for your needs. In fact, I think this is the very reason that so many businesses continue to use Excel or Google Sheets - those...

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How to Write Complicated Formulas in Airtable

Formulas are a vital part of a good database because they provide rules that manage our data in automated processes. That sounds super fancy - and while accurate - it makes formulas sound more complicated than they need to be. More simply, formulas eliminate...

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How to take Reservations in a Calendar using Airtable

Lately, my home office has been feeling a bit lonely. I love working 20 feet from my bedroom - the commute is awesome. But sometimes I crave the energy of an office and chatting with colleagues (in person - not just over Zoom). Heck being closer to downtown wouldn't...

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Avoid These 3 Common Airtable Mistakes

This morning, I met with a local business owner to discuss having a sprinkler system installed. Actually, I was hoping our existing (defunct) system could be repaired - but I didn't think it was likely. So, the local Sprinker Guy, named Scott, showed up - took one...

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It doesn't have to be crazy at work

It doesn't have to be crazy at work

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