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Get our behind-the-scenes lessons on how to harness the power of Airtable to organize data, automate repetitive administrative tasks, and know exactly what’s going on in your business at all times.

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Avoid These 3 Common Airtable Mistakes

This morning, I met with a local business owner to discuss having a sprinkler system installed. Actually, I was hoping our existing (defunct) system could be repaired - but I didn't think it was likely. So, the local Sprinker Guy, named Scott, showed up - took one...

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What Makes Airtable Better than the Competition?

I was speaking about Airtable the other day. Shocker - I know. As is sometimes the case, the person I was speaking to had not yet heard of Airtable, so I had to pull out my trusty brief description: "It's like Excel, but in the cloud, and more of a database tool than...

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Using Airtable’s Page Designer Block to Create an Invoice

The free version of Airtable is perhaps one of the best “freemium” softwares that I’ve ever used. In the free version, you get unlimited access to bases, a large number of records per base (1,200), access to all views, collaboration/commenting, etc. In truth, the free...

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Using Airtable “Views” to Enhance Workflows

Getting organized is a critical part of business - and a huge part of that is developing and improving business procedures, commonly referred to as workflows. The first time you stare at hundreds (if not thousands) of records of data, it’s easy to fall into the trap...

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Understanding “Linking Tables” in Airtable

For people new to databases, learning the ropes can seem overwhelming. But as is often the case, great strides can be made by breaking down information into smaller, more easily digestible pieces. ‘Linking tables’ is one of those very critical pieces - at least, this...

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Introducing the “Matrix” Block in Airtable

Airtable just released some new features this week and they look to pack a mighty punch. Specifically, I explored the Matrix Block today. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with Neo, and everything to do with two-dimensional matrices. Think of a table with columns...

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Getting to Know Airtable in 10 Minutes

Since my wedding date is less than two weeks away, I was speaking with my best man, Srini Rao, the other day. As our chats often do, we got off the topic of the wedding and we were soon discussing business. Several months ago I told Srini about a new tool I found...

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