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Exploring the Calendar Features in Airtable

Getting a team synced-up and on the same page is a critical component of managing projects. Airtable works as a great collaborative tool, but perhaps one of its more overlooked features is the ability to easily create calendar views. There are several features to...

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Update a Record in Airtable

I received a great message from a YouTube viewer the other day who was wondering how to update an existing Airtable record. This is such a common occurrence, I thought I must certainly have an existing video that I could refer...

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Building Line Item Detail with Automation

A common business use for Airtable is to track invoices or purchase orders. More often than not, that will also include some level of line item detail. The set-up of this is fairly straightforward, but getting the level of data that you need in each table can be...

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Exploring the Difference Between Lookups and Rollups

When architecting a database in Airtable, there are many uses for passing data from one table to another. In fact, this is the true power of a relational database. On my team, we call this “spreadsheets in 3D” - when you really start to tap into the relational...

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How and Why to Use a Junction Table

Linking tables correctly is arguably the most difficult element of database architecture. The most typical connection is a direct link between two tables. However, this doesn’t always get the job done adequately. In cases where this approach falls short, we have a...

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The Biggest Question I Get Asked by New Airtable Users

A lot of the questions I get about Airtable have a recurring theme. I received a great message from a YouTube viewer the other day that addressed this ‘theme’ head-on. He wrote the following: Gareth,I’m giving airtable a trial, and came across your youtube channel....

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New Airtable Field: Last Modified Time

A new field has just been released - and this is one that we’ve been waiting on for some time! Say hello to the Last Modified Time field! This new addition to Airtable’s fields unlocks a ton of new potential for the software. This is a dependent field that adjusts...

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How to Streamline Sports Drafting with Airtable

Last week I was chatting with one of my friends about his family life. He’s always been into sports, but he’s been taking on more and more responsibility with his sons’ little league coaching, lately. He was explaining the drafting process to me (I’ve never coached...

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How to Track Assets with a Reservation Form in Airtable

Tracking assets in Airtable is easier than you might think - the biggest challenge (as always) is to properly structure the database architecture. Of course, a table for the assets themselves is required. You’ll most likely also need a schedule to track those assets...

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How to Use Airtable to Plan a Bachelor’s Party

Sometimes I get requests from viewers about ways to use Airtable that don’t involve business, per se. This happened this weekend, when I received an email asking for help on a base for a Bachelor’s Party. Who am I to say ‘no’ to someone trying to throw an epic...

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How to Create a Custom UI in Airtable

A common limitation with Airtable is the lack of granularity in user permissions. Often, business owners tell me that they want to only share a table, or perhaps there’s a part of their base that they want to keep hidden from most of their employees. Unfortunately,...

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How to Build a Form to Update an Existing Record

A huge question you need to answer when setting up your Airtable bases is “who needs access to this data?” Airtable has multiple options for user permissions, but these permissions don’t get very granular. For example, we can’t limit access to specific tables - if we...

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Create a Data Backup from Airtable Automatically

Having redundancies in place is the best way to take action against unwanted data-loss. It’s a frightening thing to consider that one wrong click of the mouse could wipe out your database (and everything inside it)! So how do you back this data up? There is a manual...

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Automate your Social Media Posts from Airtable

Being active on social media is a big part of many marketing strategies. At a minimum, it serves as a way for you to share content with your potential audience. In more advanced cases, it gives you a direct connection with your customers. As it turns out, posting to...

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