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Taking Notes in Airtable

Most ‘out-of-the-box’ CRM solutions have the ability to take notes in relation to projects, opportunities, or clients. We can build this functionality in Airtable as well, but it’s an area where I see a lot of clients potentially ‘misusing’ the software. Does this...

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Building a Multi-step Approval Process

Recently, one of our coaching clients asked about building a multi-step approval process inside of Airtable. While there are several ways that someone could go about building this, they all rely on the same two building blocks. In brief, you’ll want to include a table...

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Track Project Completion in Airtable

Project management is a massive undertaking - one that I couldn’t possibly do justice in a brief 15 minute YouTube video. That being said, there are definitely some factors that must be included with any kind of task tracking software. Often, I’ll speak to people...

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An Advanced Look at the Page Designer Block

I’ve been getting many requests on a deeper explanation of the Page Designer Block - so here it is! The Page Designer Block is perfect for displaying the data in your base in a more visually appealing way. If you have reports that you need to see that summarize your...

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Create a Simple Dashboard for Your Pipeline

Recently, I shared how you can build an automated process to document your payments as you receive them for your company. Accounting software is great at doing this already, but the part that it usually misses is its inherent lack at tracking the possible business...

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A Quick (Must Have) for Every CRM

This recurring thing has been happening to me lately and it’s driving me mad. On multiple occasions in the past several months, businesses have taken time and money to market to me. Then, when I’m ready to buy, I hear nothing but crickets from them! Most recently,...

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Organize Revenue with Automation and Airtable

Revenue. One of the most exciting words to business owners. It’s the fuel in our engines of change and the catalyst for a better life. Without revenue, every business would be little more than a shell of ideas and good intentions. Why then do so many businesses...

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Share Access to Limited Data – Introducing Airportal

A massive complaint that I hear from Airtable users is that they can’t grant partial access to their data. For example, imagine this case: A company has consultations with clients that are recordedConsultations are then shared with clientsClients want to see when they...

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How to Build an Email Funnel with Airtable

I struggle with business email in a big way - the main issues I have are as follows: I hate having multiple ‘systems’ in my business - why can’t everything happen from one place?Along those same lines, with a new system comes new procedures and practices… no...

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Automating with Multiple Data Sets

My recent posts have covered a variety of use cases for automation. However, in all the commotion of “create documents in the cloud” or “automatically create folders for projects,” I realize there’s a complicated (and critical) step that we’ve never taken the time to...

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Create a Custom Document and Submit for Signature

Many of the clients we work with are looking for highly unique and customized solutions. This is always fun, because it gives my team and I the chance to stretch and grow our automation skillset. However, there are also those automated processes that seem to be...

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Automating File Creation and Upload Data

If you’re storing job data in Airtable, there’s a great chance that you’ve explored uploading files into your database. This is so helpful and it’s a bit mind-boggling that this wasn’t made possible until just recently (I mean, how long has Excel been out… and you...

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Building Advanced Forms in Airtable

Several weeks ago, I put out a video outlining the differences between dependent and independent field types. In short, independent fields can have data written directly to them. By contrast, dependent fields derive their value from other data (for example, a formula...

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