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Being active on social media is a big part of many marketing strategies. At a minimum, it serves as a way for you to share content with your potential audience. In more advanced cases, it gives you a direct connection with your customers.

As it turns out, posting to social media is very easily automated. If you break it down, the process usually involves the following steps:

  1. Plan content
  2. Write copy
  3. Include ‘share links’
  4. Create posts

The first three points are excellent candidates for an Airtable database – plan your content well in advance and store all of your copy and ‘share links’ in one place. But, you still need to post the content when the day comes. And doing this manually is not the way to go!

In this video I show you the steps to build an automation that takes your content planning to the next level. Watch our automation that pushes posts directly to Facebook based on a scheduled day/time! We include copy (that allows for hashtags) as well as a shared link. The same automation can be replicated for practically any social media site – what does this inspire you to automate with your social media accounts?

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