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Online sales can require a lot of moving parts, one of which is “social proof.” Social proof is the art of showcasing that others have used and enjoyed your product or service. They serve to relieve the pressure of buyers who are worried about making a bad decision – effectively social proof is used to tell new prospects something along the lines of, “hey look… Joe Schmoe bought my product and really liked it. Here’s what he said about it, now you can feel more confident that you’ll like it, too!”

Most social proof comes in the form of reviews. We look to sites like Yelp to teach us what others think about a product, but if your small business doesn’t dedicate a part of your own website to showcase the best of your reviews, you could be missing out on earning new business!

This week, I show how you to build an automated process to ask your customers for reviews and upload those reviews to your website with the push of a button. If you’re already using social proof to improve your sales, automating it with this process can save you countless hours! Or, if you’re new to using social proof, here’s your chance to get ahead of the competition by getting your process set up correctly from the beginning!

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