Gareth Pronovost is the creator of "Entrepreneurship by the Numbers" - a vlog that showcases how business owners can begin owning their data with Airtable. His tips and tricks peel away at the noise - exposing the code in the matrix - allowing entrepreneurs to build and scale a more profitable business.

He is driven by three axioms:

  • Business ownership is the best path to financial freedom
  • Every business creates numbers that tell a unique story
  • For a business to continually thrive, leadership must understand how to interpret the story told by the numbers

Letter from the Editor (Gareth):

Why are you here? And I'm not talking about existentially... I mean here, on this page, reading this?


I suppose there's a possibility that you stumbled here by mistake and are continuing to read because you're just that bored.


If so - feel free to stay - but this is not written for you.


On the other hand, if you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a successful business owner, or something inbetween and you came here intentionally...


Well then, I'm willing to bet you're here to determine if I can help you grow your business.


And in that case - yes. I wrote this for you and I'm confident that I can help.


Here's the thing though - I'm not a magician. And while I always feel like a wizard when I crush a monster Excel file, I can't turn water to wine.


I bring that up because working with my team and me isn't for everyone - it comes with a couple of prerequisites:

You own or are building your own business

If you're not a business owner or aspiring to become one, why would you want help with business analytics? Business is pretty much the operative word here.

You want a better understanding of the numbers within your business

Maybe you're a numbers person, or maybe not. Either way, you realize that numbers drive decisions and you want to understand how to make the best decisions for your business.

You aren't yet to the point where you have a full-blown data analytics team

If you've already scaled to an in-house analytics team, chances are you've outgrown the need to outsource to my team and me.

So, since you're still reading - I'm going to assume we are off to a decent start.


Now, here's how I promise to help you. I'll send you regular, fresh content, full of actionable processes that you can instantly put to work in your business. For free.




Because I believe that it'll help you. In fact, it will help you so much, that at some point in the future you'll think to yourself, "this Gareth guy sure knows a thing or two about finance and accounting... I wonder how much he could help if we actually paid him?"


I like to keep it straightforward and on the up-and-up, so I figure I'll just show you my hand - and if you can dig what I'm shoveling - then we're off to the races.


But before we get ahead of ourselves, why don't you start out by receiving my top 3 videos that will help you get set up with data analytics for your business?

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