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In the first table, we would store all data about our prospects/clients. This might include contact info, company name, website, email address etc. Basically, all data associated directly with the client.

The second table would be our pipeline data. Here, we would store relevant data to track our client as they moved through the pipeline. We might include their current stage in the pipeline, along with notes about conversations we’ve had and what their hopes/expectations are. We also might have some financial information like the estimated value of winning this customer.

Lastly, our third table might include the data associated with our client relationship. Are they a paying customer? When did they sign up? What services do we provide for them? How much revenue have we earned? Etc…

The second and third tables both give us an important view of our business.

The second table can be analyzed to show us the deals in our pipeline. How much revenue can we project to be coming in over the next month? How well are we doing at moving prospects through our sales process? That information all lives in the second table, aka: Pipeline.

The third table can tell us how well we are providing solutions for our existing customers. How long do clients stay with us? What is the average revenue earned per customer? This data lives in this table, aka: CRM.

But, in order for this data to be relevant, it all needs to ‘talk’ to itself, right? Knowing your pipeline is great, but if you can’t connect that data to a living, breathing prospect and the information in your CRM, then what good is it? Data living in a vacuum generally serves little purpose. This is where ‘linking tables’ comes into play – essentially, we want Table #2 to link to prospect data in Table #1, and for Table #3 to include data from Tables #1 & #2.

Creating a relationship between data records in Airtable is one of the most important parts of building integral databases for your workflows and business needs. Getting your data to ‘talk’ to itself is the best way to unlock the capability for true analysis, and thereby unlock the ability to quickly grow your business.

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