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Organize data, automate repetitive administrative tasks, and know exactly what’s going on in your business at all times. 

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Hi, I’m Gareth. 

In 2017, I was working for a billion-dollar public company that still used spreadsheets to report their data. Reports had to be manually updated and printed on 11x17 paper. I spent hours on redundant data entry and administrative tasks, which prevented me from doing the work I had been hired to do as a financial analyst.

It was a slow, confusing, and inefficient way to work.

With Airtable, all of that changed. I was able to organize data and eliminate hours of daily administrative tasks through automations. Since then, I’ve helped dozens of businesses harness the power of Airtable and do the same. 

With an optimized Airtable set up, your time, money, and focus stays on growing your business. 

Here’s What I Deliver

Organized Databases to Make Work Easier

A successful database is one you look forward to using daily. Working with me not only saves you countless hours in establishing a proper database architecture, but also guarantees a powerful solution that decomplicates your work life. That means more productivity, improved workflows, and significantly improved team communication.

Repetitive Administrative Tasks, Automated

Airtable is a powerful virtual assistant. Once your database is built, I can work with you to identify your time consuming, repetitive, low value tasks and automate them using Airtable & third party integrations. In running this business, I no longer have to schedule calls, chase payments, invoice clients, send re-schedule emails to prospects who don’t show, or collect testimonials. Airtable does all of this and more, saving dozens of hours every week. What could it do for you?

Ongoing Training & Support

Intelligently organized databases & automations are powerful tools, but only if your team is comfortable using them. This is why I include a training workshop on key workflows and processes with every completed database. And to ensure you succeed in the long run when working with me, you’ll have 30 days of ongoing support and regular “check ins” to answer any additional questions once the training is completed.



Working with Gareth gave me a new level of clarity into the key metrics of our business. Not only did I know exactly what I needed to do to increase revenue, but thanks to the automations, eliminated over 10 hours of weekly repetitive tasks.

Srini Rao,
 Unmistakable Media


I always look forward to my meetings with Gareth due to his seemingly endless knowledge in finances and accounting. Simply put, getting my business off the ground was much easier thanks to having Gareth in my corner!

Ryan Coon,
Switchboard Games

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