How to Organize your Processes with a Kanban View in Airtable

I really fell in love with data when I began to explore all of the things Excel was capable of. So then, it should come as no surprise that I am very comfortable with the “Grid View” in Airtable. This is the view that looks most similar to a standard spreadsheet – with rows, columns, and their inevitable intersection.

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From “Prospect” to “Customer” – Using Airtable

One big complaint I have with most software solutions is that they cater to such a specific niche, it’s often difficult to get them to work for your needs. In fact, I think this is the very reason that so many businesses continue to use Excel or Google Sheets – those platforms are highly customizable and can be adjusted to practically any situation. But, if we’re being honest, at some point most businesses outgrow them and start to view them as “clunky.”

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